M+D: Everyone Loves Cake

The cake in all it’s glory. We are so thankful that Amy Beck took us on at the last minute.

It was so exciting to cut the cake. I can’t really say why, it just was.

Denton serves me cake.  We had a definite No Smash rule.

I have to admit, this was a lot more fun that I had anticipated.

My master plan was to take a super large piece of cake since I know most couples don’t get to eat cake at the wedding. I am glad that I did. I ate the leftovers as well as the piece at my seat. Ha!

Although we didn’t cut the Groom’s cake, we had it on the right side of the Head Table. 

The Groom’s Cake. Denton loved it!

 Surrounding the cake was cake to-go boxes.  Since we ordered 2 slices of cake per person, we figured that most guests would opt to take a slice home.

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