M+D: Dancing between the Courses

After the toasts and the salad course, the second dance set began.  The dance set began with the Mother Son dance.

Denton’s Mother, Susan, was so excited for the dance. She picked the song “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” by Van Morrison, her favorite artist.

Denton and his Mother are very close. They both smiled the entire time.

Although it looks like we aren’t paying attention, us girls were talking about how sweet they looked up there.

Briana watches her Brother and Mother during the dance.

It was past 9:30PM, we hadn’t even gotten to the entree yet, but everyone was out cutting a rug. Here is our Officiant, looking a lot less official.

Sweet Caroline is sure to get the crowd going.

Bum Bum Bum… It was one of the hits of the night! 

Denton isn’t a big dancer so he opted not to dance during some of the “girly” songs.

However, he will always dance to a slow song.  Here he is with my (now our) Sister-in-Law, Justine.

Other guests opted to hit the candy bar. Instead of waiting to serve it after the entree, we left it open all night long.  Who says you have to wait for dessert?

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