M+D: Dancing the Night Away

My Mother in Law with her good friend.


Really. My in-laws didn’t leave the dance floor.

Ashlynn was my Greeter and a Reader. She joked that two jobs should mean she should get two gifts.

With friends and family. When it got late, there were definitely more girls on the dance floor than guys.

Miracles never cease: my nephew out on the dance floor with his Mom.

Dancing the night away… off went the Oscar de la Renta for Old Navy flip flops.

It was nice to see that everyone had such a good time, even if they were exhausted.

Just one more dance! Sheila and her husband were going to leave right after dinner because her daughter had been hurt.  They had so much fun that they stayed until past 11PM.  I dragged her out for “Just one more dance!”

Darling, save the last dance for me.   We had the band play Your Song.

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