Wedding Presents We Adored

Besides getting a slew of gifts off our registry, we received mostly money.  It’s a Chicago thing.
We did get 3 presents that were neither cash or registry items.  They were all wonderful, heartfelt gifts. I already blogged about the fabulous earrings my best friend bought us (read me). 
I was adament about no brunch/ breakfast/ luncheon the day after the wedding.  I’ve seen brides with bags under their eyes trying to be a gracious host.  No thank you.  We let everyone know in advance that we preferred not to be bothered.  
Well, I made such a big deal about wanting to be alone that my Greek Mom gave us this FABULOUS gift of an in room couples massage for two.  Hotel Allegro offers in room spa services

It was amazing!!  
The morning after the wedding, we awoke to breakfast in bed.  Then, the two massage therapists arrived to set up in the living room of our suite.  Finally, I hopped into the jacuzzi until I turned into a prune.
The hotel let us have a late check-out so we finally emerged from our suite around 3PM.  Our first day of marriage was off to a fabulous start.

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