Baby, it’s cold outside!

Many brides opt to get their bridemaids a pashima to wear to their early Spring or late Fall wedding.  Peach Couture has rayon pashimas starting at $10.  

Of course, if live in the city, it is always possible to get a good deal of a street vendor especially if you are buying in bulk.

I really enjoy getting pashimas from Benetton.  Think of the Italian version of The Gap, the store offers better quality at reasonable priced.  Unfortunately, their color selection is limited.

If I could have any pashima though, I’d opt for this pretty one from Tiffany.  Oversized and 100% cashmere, it would be a fabulous gift.

5 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The ones from Nordstrom are the best quality compared to price. I love my bridesmaids but there\’s no way in hell I\’d buy them Tiffany\’s Pashmina\’s. Esp because Pashmina\’s are dated now and just known as wedding wear; they won\’t wear them again.


  2. Anonymous says:

    A $450 pashmina is not a good gift; its insane. Esp considering pashmina\’s are out of style now. If you insist on being stuck in the past check out the 100% cashmere ones at Nordstrom which are under $100. But I promise you most bridesmaids will never wear it again it would be best to not waste money.


  3. Misse says:

    All the fashion magazines agree– pashimas are out of style. But as a fashionista, I promise to wear them forever. There is nothing worse that going to an event in a cocktail dress in bloody ten degree weather and freezing all night.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Ouch, $450???!!! You are aware of how bad the economy is now, right? I want a little luxury for myself and my \’maids as much as the next bride, but this is outrageous and not a helpful recommendation for most brides. Don\’t forget we\’re not all made of money! $10 rayon wrap, here I come.


  5. Misse says:

    Maggie May,Welcome to my blog! As I said in my article, if you live in the city, I would get a pashima from a street vendor. There is also Benetton. I put pashimas at various price points in the blog. I wouldn\’t be able to buy a Tiffany pashima for my bridesmaids (or myself!). It doesn\’t mean that I can covet it though!Cheers,Misse


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