Bubbles Anyone?

As I mentioned last month, I added champagne at the last minute to our wedding. I always love a good glass of champagne. A few days before New Year’s Eve, InStyle posted a Hot Finds of Tasty Bubbly Under $50. These are my three top picks from their list.

Perrier-Jouet is delish. It has to be fabulous if Victoria Beckham enjoys it!

For the bride that adores crystals, serve this at your Head Table!

For the bride that is obsessed with pink!

2 thoughts on “Bubbles Anyone?

  1. Cat says:

    Dont know if you are still looking for other champagnes . . . but what I am going to have at my wedding is Toad Hollow Risque. It is a sparkling wine from California. It is nice because it is not bitter like some champagnes, it is actually a little sweet, and everyone loves it. I bought some for my Engagement party and people had two and three glasses, which sounds horrible at normal champagne prices ($40 – $60 per bottle), but this wine is only $13.99 per bottle, and if you buy by the case, you will get your 10% discount, so . . . absolutely fabulous price. Anyway . . .just thought I would let you know. I have a couple others that I love in the $20 range, if you want to know about those as well.


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