Bridal Events: Haute Bride + Anne Barge Trunk Shows

February 20-22th
The Left Bank
1155 W. Webster
To make an appointment, please email

One of my favorite wedding accessory designers, Haute Bride is coming to Chicago.  There will be a champagne & chocolate bar by Vanille.

Anne Barge Trunk Shows
Thursday, February 19th
6 PM – 7PM
Belle Vie Bridal Couture
34 E. Oak Street
To make an appointment, call 312.751.2222

Meet the fabulous wedding gown designer Anne Barge. Limited discounts will be available. There will be trunk shows on February 20-21st as well.

4 thoughts on “Bridal Events: Haute Bride + Anne Barge Trunk Shows

  1. Anonymous says:

    You publish great events but they\’re always published really really last minute; like the day before or day of. Is there a resource your readers can access to see when these events take place? Often times the event is booked full or its not a enough personal notice.Thank you!


  2. Misse says:

    Hi!How soon would you prefer the events be published in advance?I did used to publish the events up to 3 weeks in advance. Then, I had a reader say that it was too soon and that they would forget. However, I am a planner so I can agree to publish them sooner.Thanks!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I think a week is fair. I don\’t mean to complain because I\’ve def heard of some good things from you it\’s just sometimes they\’re reservation only or it\’s like if I had just known a day sooner plans could\’ve been different… Thanks!


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