Ask the Bee: Compromise with our wedding?

My fiance and I want to have a cocktail reception.  Both of our parents, who will be paying for the wedding, insist that we have a sit down dinner.  Are we stuck?

Why not do dancing between the courses?  Often referred to as a “New York style reception”, dancing between the courses allows breaks to the very long dinner hour.

If you have never been to a wedding with dancing between the courses, you are missing out!  Once the first course is served, then the guests head out to the dance floor for the first dance set.  At our wedding, we kicked off the first set with the First Dance.  Each additional dance set was kicked off by a “special dance” such as a Mother/Son dance and the Anniversary Dance.  

It’s a tremendous amount of fun although it does require additional costs.  Since the bar and the band never stop, there is usually some added hourly charges. Additionally, it does require a fair amount of coordination.
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2 thoughts on “Ask the Bee: Compromise with our wedding?

  1. Misse says:

    Dear Anonymous,It would be wonderful if all money was given without strings attached. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.If the bride and groom want to make all of the decisions regarding their wedding, then they should pay for it.


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