Being Green

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  

Try to be Green while being a Bride.  In honor of Mama Earth, I have come up with three suggestions.

  1. Share the wealth. One of my favorite charities is the Glass Slipper Project.  The organization gives dresses to students that might not be able to afford to go Prom.  The group REALLY needs shoes, jewelry, accessories, and unworn make-up.  If you are interested, please email me at or check out their website.
  2. Sell your wedding goodies. Once the wedding is over, sell all of your wedding goodies.  I sold my card box, picture frames, vases, etc.  Other brides might be willing to part with their veil or even their dress.  It is a great way to make some money (who doesn’t need that these days!) as well as purge your home from the wedding madness.  Here is a link to my post about Selling Your Dress.  If you want to sell your wedding items, try Craig’s List or on the boards of Chicago Weddings.
  3. Don’t take all the free stuff if you don’t want it.  At many bridal events (especially those awful expos), you are bombarded with wedding stuff.  Flyers, free pencils, etc.  Do you really want it?  If not, politely decline.  Since you are reading my blog, I am sure that you are internet savvy.  Ask for a business card and get their information electronically.

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