Ask the Bee: Reception Only Invitation

Do you have any suggested wording on an invitation to a reception for a couple who both have been married previously and are getting married in a private ceremony that will take place about a month before the reception?

The invitation should highlight that it is an invitation to a wedding reception, not a wedding. See below for some sample text!
Sheila Amy Stephens 
Gary Brian Pierce 
request the pleasure of your company 
at their wedding reception  
Saturday, the seventeenth of May 
two thousand and eight 
at half after six o’clock in the evening  
Hotel Allegro 

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5 thoughts on “Ask the Bee: Reception Only Invitation

  1. Marilyn says:

    I think that would work perfectly. Another less formal option I found would be something like this:Just Married!Please celebrate our marriageCocktails, Dinner and DancingSaturday, the seventeenth of May at half after six o\’clock in the evening Hotel Allegro171 W Randolph StreetChicago, Illinois


  2. Anonymous says:

    My fiance and I are considering doing this, primarily for budget concerns. We cannot afford a wedding, even a small one. Our families live in Tennessee (3 hours apart), and we live in Louisiana. Would it be considered rude if we were to go to the courthouse and get married in August and then have a reception at our house in October? Would out of town guests consider it rude to just be invited to a reception?


  3. Misse says:

    It is always acceptable to invite someone to a reception but not the invitation. It is only considered rude to invite guests to the ceremony but not the reception.Good luck on planning your at home reception! I hope that you can get some great ideas from my fellow bloggers!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I think it is tremendously rude and tacky to invite people to a reception, but NOT the wedding. I feel it should be both or neither, even for destination weddings.


  5. Misse says:

    A private ceremony in not very in vogue these days but was something done in the past. It is an option for guests want to have an intimate ceremony.There are a variety of reasons for having a private ceremony: religious, location, or military purposes.


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