After paying Uncle Sam, we could all use a break.

is offering a deal via Daily Candy.  Enter DEALS upon check-out and get 25% off your order.  While I don’t see myself using their items for a wedding, they have cute items for a shower or bachelorette party.  Don’t you just love these placecards for a sit-down dinner?

My Sweet Tooth

What is a sweet combination?  Chocolate truffles made by a 
local Chicagoan.  If you are in the market for a delicious favor, check out Katherine Anne Confections.  I met Katherine last month at a bridal event.  When she handed me a sample, I was in heaven.  I literally had to stop myself after eating two.  If you want to try one of her delicious truffles, they are available at a variety of local stores and coffee shops, like Whole Foods and Metropolis Coffee.

Her truffles can come pre-packaged in these unique favors containers.   If you already have your favors picked out, this could be a cute shower or hostess gift!

Flower Show

It’s really hard for me to promote events at the Evil Empire. As a devoted Marshall Field’s shopper, I feel as though I should ignore all of their bridal events. However, they do have amazing events from time to time. This is one of them.

Until April 16th, the following florists will be creating awe-inspiring bouquets: Cornelia McNamara, Anthony Gowder Designs, Hello Darling, Bukiety, and Stems. I am excited to see what each of these florists will be creating! They do amazing work.

For more details, click here.

My friend Nicole and I are the biggest Jane Austen fans.  If she was getting engaged this year, I would buy her this
card from Etsy.

Carrie Dress

I adored Carrie’s gown in the Sex and the City movie.  I totally understood the scene where she moved her wedding location and increased her guest size just based on her dress.  Had I not just come back from my honeymoon, I might have worn this beauty.  It is fabulous.  

Vivienne Westwood is fabulous.  How can you not worship this champagne silk gown?  It’s unique and tres chic.  Sadly, it is also sold out

Paperless Invitations

You don’t have to read my column every day to realize that I love paper.  I prefer to send out printed invitations, even for things like birthday parties.  That said, not everyone feels the same way.  

If you want to send out an electronic invitation but you don’t want to use Evite, there is a new option: Pingg.  With the motto of “Well Sent” Pingg offers a variety of fun things:
  • URL can be copied and pasted into emails (it isn’t two hundred plus characters either!)
  • Ability to host photos through Flicker
  • Use of an image from their Plus gallery
  • Designer Series, which includes Martha Stewart
  • Surround Send : allows event to be sent via email, SMS, Twitter, and Flicker
I actually just hosted my first Pingg event, a trunk show for eco-conscious brand, Doucette Duvall.  It was a fabulous way to send out invitations to the event without having to kill a single tree.

Event Review: An Evening of Bridal Luxury at the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons hosted the third annual Chicago Social Brides event, An Evening of Bridal Luxury.  The ballroom, which had been recently remodeled, included decor by Heffernan Morgan.

The event included a Vera Wang fashion show.  The show was a welcome departure from the recent clean lines and minimalism of years past.  

Embellishments!  Statement Necklaces!  Colored Sashes!  

I was in heaven.  The gorgeous make-up was done by Sonia Roselli as well as Jen Jackolin from Sonia Roselli Esthetique.

Below are some of images from the show.  All images are from Dennis Lee.

I Love Candy!

…but readlly, who doesn’t love candy??  It is the reason that candy buffets are still a major attraction at weddings.  Like a Sweets Table, they are more fun.  Plus, the containers allow guests to take them home.

The only problem is finding all of that candy!  I thought that I would luck out with some red candy on sale from Valentine’s Day.  While we were able to get some red hots that were heart shaped, we still had 12 more flavors to fill our containers to the brim.

In my quest for all red candy, I found Albanese Factory located in Merrillville, Indiana.  An hour drive from the downtown, the factory has everything you could want and more!  Besides your usual red gummy bears, I was able to find all sort of treats including Raspberry Taffy, Berry Bursts, Strawberry Sour Rings, and much more!  The prices are much lower than anywhere else.

I have had many brides ask if they should buy their candy online.  Honestly, if you are buying enough for a candy buffet, then you should probably make the hike out there.  It’s definitely worth it!