Real Wedding: Colleen + Nathan, The Day

When I met Colleen for an initial consultation, we talked for almost two hours.  Seriously.  It was like finding a fellow kindred soul. After about an hour and a half, her fiance, Nathan, walked in.  It turns out that we used to work together! We have even more in common that that:  we were fellow bloggers.  Colleen writes The Everyday Bride.  The final tip that made me feel, without being too presumptuous, that I was destined to do this wedding was that the officiant that marrying the couple performed at my first wedding.  I’m happy to report that Colleen felt the same way.  She booked me almost immediately and then wrote this amazing review.

On her wedding day, Colleen was really calm and yet very excited.   When you walk into a hotel suite filled with a bridal party, you never know what to expect.  Her room, which was a fabulous suite at the W in the City Center, was filled with her bestest friends and sister, all of whom were in a wonderful mood.  It was so gorgeous and massive that the couple opted to have guests swing by the next day for a farewell brunch.

The day went perfectly.  There wasn’t one hiccup, even a tiny one.  I was relieved because I knew that a detailed bride like Colleen would have noticed.  She was able to concentrate on the most important thing of the day, her love for Nathan.

Colleen picked luxurious accessories that complimented her beautiful dress.  An embroidered ‘something blue’ hanker chief with some fabulous gold shoes and a simple veil.
 Colleen remembered her beautiful Mother by having a locket tied to her bouquet.
Colleen took some photos with her girls at the W before heading to the church.
There is something beautiful about an evening ceremony.  
Holy Family is a gorgeous gothic church especially in the evening.
One of the unique components of the ceremony was a candle lighting.  
Every guest received a candle when they walked into church.  

The entire church was filled with candlelight.  It was beautiful on a November early evening night.

Father Jerry performed the wedding ceremony of my very first wedding!  Rather than turn their backs to the crowd, Colleen and Nathan turned toward their guests so that they could witness the couple exchange vows.

The gorgeous alter.

There will be more photos tomorrow of the rest of Colleen and Nathan’s wedding day.

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