Ask the Bee: Tables + Guests * Centerpieces = HELP

How many guests can I fit at each table?

It depends on the size of the table.  My personal favorite is a 60″ round with 8 guests.  The table is a nice size for intimate conversation and there is enough room for everyone to feel comfortable.  

Since it is not always possible to break up your guest list in groups of 8, I recommend a 72″ round for 10 guests. This is a comfortable seating arrangement that so that guests are not “elbow to elbow”. Remember, there is going to be a lot on each tabletop! Besides the centerpiece, that for each guest, there is a charger, menu, napkin, several glasses (champagne flute, white wine glass, red wine glass, and water glass), flatware, bread plate, and possibly a place card. Below is a photo of a 60″ round set for 8 guests.  As you can see, there is already a lot on the table before guests arrive with escort cards, cameras and handbags!

On a budget?  Seat 12 guests at a 72″ round to get the most bang for your buck in terms of centerpieces.  Be sure not to crowd the table with elaborate centerpieces.  I would also recommend putting the favors on the escort table in stead of at each place setting.

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3 thoughts on “Ask the Bee: Tables + Guests * Centerpieces = HELP

  1. ~M says:

    We had square tables of different sizes – most to seat 8, but a few to seat 10 – and our head table of 6 (his parents, my parents, us in the center). Squares were one of our \”themes\” so that went well (and matched my radiant ring 🙂 ) We also varied up the centerpieces for the tables a bit. 🙂


  2. Laura says:

    I was just at a wedding where they had square tables and they seated 8very comfortably. If this was an option for my reception I\’d do it in a heartbeat – it was very modern and looked great, and as a guest I was very comfortable, rather than feeling like I was crammed in there!


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