I adore this gown.

If I could get married again, I think I just might wear short gown. In fact, I would wear this one. From the Reverie by Melissa Sweet line, the Fiesole dress is meant for me. And, it has pockets! Wouldn’t it look lovely for a garden party style wedding?

2 thoughts on “I adore this gown.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the acceptable fashion to have bare legs with a short gown or to wear stockings? If so, white or skin tone?Why not wear the dress to a formal event that's not a wedding since you love it.


  2. Misse says:

    I think it is acceptable to have bare legs with a short gown. I haven't worn nylons in years. I do wear tights but that is only in the winter.Although the dress is beautiful, I am not really in the position to buy a gown that is $2000+ just for fun!


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