Happy 33rd Birthday!

It’s my birthday week!

Yup, I celebrate my birthday all week long. Last night, I went with my very good friend, Shena, to a movie premiere of Adam. It was tons of fun and I got to meet Hugh Dancy and Rose Bryne.

Today, my actual birthday, has started out perfectly. Starbucks decided to celebrate my birthday by offering a free pastry. Honey Bee Weddings has a new phone number courtesy of Google Voice. My Mother-in-law gave me a gift certificate to exhale spa. It’s been a perfect day so far. I’m looking forward to tonight at the Wit! Tomorrow, I will be getting a cupcake from Tipsy Cake when I head to the Left Bank’s blog launch. That is only after I stop by for events at the Dress Doctor‘s and Louis Vuitton with Dennis Lee. On Thursday, I am going to the Social Luxe Lounge for Chicago bloggers. My husband is taking me out to dinner on Friday at a surprise location. Saturday will be spent as a Lady that Lunches at Fred’s before heading home to Humboldt Park for an afternoon picnic. I’ve never been to Venetian Night but maybe I’ll consider it this year. The last day of my birthday will be spent at a kid friendly brunch at Birchwood Kitchen before heading to Wicker Park street fest.

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