4 thoughts on “White Wedding

  1. Sara Hylwa says:

    I would never wear white to a wedding. There are so many other colors to pick from, why in the world would you wear white? If I have guest show up to my October wedding in white, it will not only be out of season, but just tacky. I don't think I'd say anything, but I hope that another guest would! : )


  2. Laura Whited says:

    I would never wear white to a wedding, either. In fact, once I returned a print dress that I bought to wear to a wedding because I was worried there was too much white in the background. I've always believed that white is reserved ONLY for the bride on her special day.If a guest showed up at my wedding wearing white I wouldn't say anything, either but I do think that my reaction would differ depending on who it was (i.e. if it was an Aunt or something, I'd chalk it up to her being naive and not knowing any better. If it was a \”date\” or somebody I didn't know very well I'd probably feel like giving her the evil eye). Hopefully it wouldn't bother me too much, though — I'd still look better! LOL!! 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    If someone mistakes a guest in white for the bride, then they probably shouln't have been invited anyway.You can only control your actions, not other people's, so is there anything to do except be gracious?


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