Amy + Gary, The Ceremony + Reception

Yesterday, I posted about Amy + Gary’s wedding day. Today, I am going to post about the actual ceremony and reception.

All photos by Life on Prints.

All of the gorgeous paper items were designed by Gourmet Invitations.

For the ceremony, the room was set up in a semi-circle so that there were guests surrounding the couple.

The Bride and her Father process into the ballroom.

The couple under their DIY huppah.

Amy + Gary saying their vows. I love the lighting at the James!

The first kiss!

Gourmet Invitations made the escort cards.

In the foyer, the bride displayed wedding photos of parents and grandparents.

The gorgeous cake made by Cake Girls.

Esther from Scarlet Petal designed the centerpieces.

Tifany also designed the table numbers slash menus.

The Cake Girls also made the groom’s cake that reflected Gary’s poker hobby.
Amy ordered custom cocktail napkins from For Your Party.
The Father of the Bride made the audience laugh and the Bride blush.
The Maid of Honor gave the most lovely, heartfelt toast to the Bride.
If you look at the background, you’ll see that the amazing chalk drawing of the city.

Amy during the first dance, “My Love is You Love” by Whitney Houston.
The couple snuck out for some gorgeous evening photos.
The best part of getting married in the winter: the lights on the trees.

4 thoughts on “Amy + Gary, The Ceremony + Reception

  1. ~M says:

    Everything looks beautiful, but just so you know, the Hebrew on the Gourmet Invitations program is backwards. Hebrew is written from right to left. Since the phrase that Amy and Gary chose is very commonly used at Jewish weddings, I feel that a company like Gourmet Invitations should have caught that mistake.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree with M that anyone who has taken Hebrew 101 knows that it is read from right to left. What's the point of having a Hebrew language program when it is done incorrectly? Obviously for show and now for substance.


  3. Unknown says:

    After the mistake was noticed it was too late to make any changes at that time. Instead of freaking out about it and not having the lovely messages written for our family and guests in the programs we chose to keep them and try and make light of it. We spent the days leading up to the wedding, enjoying our family and friends not runing to kinkos and attempting to fix a program that would be read at the ceremony and thrown out. IF things were \”just for show\” then I am sure we would have cared more to attempt to rectify it.


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