Luxury + Bridal Event = Fabulousness!

My favorite bridal event is just around the corner. If you are planning a wedding in Chicago in the next year, you won’t want to miss this event.

An Afternoon of Bridal Luxury by CS Brides
Sunday, October 4th
12 – 4PM
$65 per ticket
To order tickets, click

Brides will receive a luxury tote bag filled with extraordinary gifts from Oak Street’s most exclusive bridal destinations. The walk begins at The Private Dining Rooms at Spiaggia. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association.

PS. When CS Brides says luxury tote bag, what they mean to say is “the largest swag bag I have have received and so much stuff that my back actually hurt by the time I made it home.” Click here for a past year’s bag.

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