Mrs. Ivanka Kushner nee Trump

I was expecting the worse. Golf club wedding in New Jersey on a Sunday doesn’t sound fabulous. None of the ceremony or receptions details have been released except that the wedding planner is Preston Bailey. I’m expecting to see some fabulous lighting in a bright color.

The venue? Seems sort of generic.
If I had my choice, I would have picked The Breakers in Palm Beach. (Yes, it competes directly with Trump owned Mar-A-Lago). But I’m just saying! Really? You picked to get married here??

The dress and the hair screams Grace Kelly. What is going on with Jared’s bow tie?

I’m so not loving her bouquet either.

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Ivanka Kushner nee Trump

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it's great she didn't have this over-the-top wedding. I read she wanted to keep it very simple (well, simple for someone of her status). She definitely looks beautiful!


  2. Misse says:

    Simple? It was boring. It's not like she opted to have a wedding that cost less money. Her planner was Preston Bailey, who has a five figure minimum. At the end of the day, it was just very dull.PS. Oh, thank you, MoFree aka Bella Bride for reminding me to add: it was an Orthodox Jewish ceremony hence the Sunday wedding.


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