Real Wedding: Meagan + Matt

Yesterday, I posted about the Meagan and Matt’s wedding morning and the photos that the couple took around the city. Here is the second post of photos from the ceremony and the reception at Hotel Sax.
All photos by Agnes Malorny.
The intimate ceremony reflected the couple’s Catholic and Jewish backgrounds.

In lieu of a guest book, the couple had a wishing well.
A Wishing Well is much more personal that a book full of signatures!

The design of the ballroom was completely modern.
The tabletop had clean lines that reflected the design of the ballroom.

Let’s talk about chairs, shall we? Hotel Sax offers some modern black and white chairs.
It is a refreshing change from the typical options.

Petite cupcakes were brought out for the dessert course.
There was also a ton of tiny desserts. They were all delicious.*
*OK, I may have tried two. Three. Fine, I tried Four. What does it matter?
That is the beauty of a buffet. No one shall ever know the truth!

The band, Maggie Speaks, rocked out!

The dance floor was packed!

Thank you Meagan + Matt for including us on your beautiful day. It was so great to celebrate with the both of you. Congratulations!!

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