Off to India!

When I first started dating Denton, there were a few things that I found special about him. One was that, not only did we have a shared passion for travel, but we both had travelled internationally solo. It was one of things that made me think, “wow, maybe this guy is meant for me.” Six weeks later, we headed off to Thailand for 17 days together. Some eyebrows were raised but we both landed back in the States thinking we had found the perfect someone.

Every year since then, we have taken one major international trip. Besides our first trip, we have spent quite a bit of time on the road: 25 days in South America, 9 days in the Canary Islands, and 19 days in Turkey.

Well, it’s that time a year again. This time we are spending 17 days in India. We’ll start off in Mumbai, where I hope to fulfill my dream to be a Bollywood Star (or at least an extra). Then we’ll relax in Goa before seeing some famous ancient caves. We have a few days that are TBD but we’ll end up Agra for a day to see the very romantic Taj before flying out of Delphi.

Don’t worry, I’ve scheduled some blog posts in my absence as well as having Marilyn post a very fabulous (and very appropriate) real Indian wedding.

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