Bloomie’s + Wedding Channel, I love thee

…for allowing me to buy some luxurious grown-up bedding for a major deal.

Here’s the story: A few months ago, I was really sad about still being in our tiny condo. I didn’t register for bedding because I thought we would move and get new bedding to go along with our new bed. When that didn’t happen — and still hasn’t happened 19 months later– I decided to find the perfect bedding that would work with our current home and bed.

Out shopping with a girlfriend, I spotted this pillow and loved it. I love the bold color. I love the geometric pattern.

It comes as part of this gorgeous Natori bedding. I loved everything about it but the price. Seriously, who buys $3,000+ worth of bedding? (Probably people that don’t understand why you should spend $10 on chivari chairs at their wedding… to each their own, kind of thing, right?)


Since I have a gift card to use, I decided to take the plunge and buy bedding. I meant to go to the Bloomie’s website but ended up at the Wedding Channel Bloomie’s page. What is the difference, you ask?


For some reason, Bloomie’s Wedding Channel has the bedding on sale for $700 cheaper. $700?!

When I headed to Bloomingdale’s Home, they couldn’t honor the prices. I broke my golden rule (“Do not shop online”) and purchased all of it. Now, I just have to wait for the packages to arrive in the mail. Pictures will be coming soon!

One thought on “Bloomie’s + Wedding Channel, I love thee

  1. p says:

    natori bedding exquisite color no help, natori bedding is the precision value with more price.I love the texture of soft, fluffy natori bedding it.


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