Heading East into Turkey

Yesterday, I posted about the first half of our Turkish Honeymoon. The first three cities: Istanbul, Ephesus, and Fethiye are easily traveled. However, as we headed East, the trip became more of an adventure. The country’s Muslim culture became more apparent too. We didn’t see any Arabic until we arrived in Urfa. And while it is not a reason to make the trip, we were upgraded EVERYWHERE when we mentioned that we were on our honeymoon. (Take that, you Hawaii obsessed newlyweds!)

Goreme is in the middle of the country in an area called Cappadocia. Known for their mountainous landscapes, we decided to take a hot air balloon ride. It was amazing! Goreme is known for the cave dwellings that have been turned into hotels. It was the coolest thing ever.

I took this photo from the hot air balloon.

Denton is standing in front of the Open Air Museum. We stayed in a hotel that was in a cave. Don’t think I roughed it either: there was a hot tub, hot water, satellite television, and all the other amenities that you might crave!

Our shadow!

In Urfa, we saw a traditional dance at a local restaurant.

The Euphrates River

Bakalava in Antep

3 thoughts on “Heading East into Turkey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your trip sounds awesome! I did want to correct one thing (and I'm not 100% positive…)but Turkish is not the same as Arabic. There may be some regional parts where it is spoken, but generally speaking, the Turkish languages uses the Latin alaphabet. -Nikki


  2. Misse says:

    Sweetchic, Here is a link to the hotels. The rooms are amazing.http://www.kelebekhotel.com/Nikki, You are correct. The Turkish language uses the Latin alphabet. However, India's official languages are Hindi and English yet I saw a lot of Arabic there. So, I assumed that I would have seen a lot more Arabic based on the population as well as the close proximity to Syria and Iraq.


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