Top Wedding Trends for 2010

One Wed just posted the Top 10 wedding trends for 2010. Here is my take — and unsolicited opinions — on the trends

10. Screw the Trends – Be Yourself Personalization has been a priority for Chicago brides for the past 3 years. While I don’t consider this new, I do encourage all of my couples to personalize their wedding. And no, that doesn’t mean putting a monogram on everything.

9. Bright Color, Black Backdrop I am so happy that white is becoming less common at weddings. I LOVE COLOR. I totally agree!

8. Earth-friendly “I Do’s” I wish that I had more couples embrace being green when it comes to wedding. It just isn’t happening yet.

7. GROOMed for Success I will happily report that about 75% of the grooms are involved at Honey Bee Weddings. It’s great and I’m all for it. Well, unless the couple wants me to settle a dispute. That is always a little uncomfortable.

6. Everything Old Is New Again Did you check out the real wedding from Martha and Julio? My dear readers adored it! I love everything retro and hope that brides keep embracing the past for new ideas.

5. Backyard Chic A barn was a top choice for Brides in 2009. It’s not as popular here in Chicago…but perhaps it will become more popular. There are some great local options.

4. Mix and Mingle I adore a cocktail hour reception. And if you are on a budget, a great way to cut costs is by having a cocktail reception. Or a brunch reception. I MUCH rather see a unique, chic wedding than another country club wedding where everything has to be done a certain way. Really. Your guests don’t need to have a soup, salad, entree, and dessert to be happy.

3. Return to Romance I love the idea… but haven’t seen it yet. I wonder is my 2010 brides will be rocking lace. I can’t wait!

2. Food You Can Eat Chicago Brides, you are so behind the times that very few of you embraced the foodie trend of the past few years. That said, you can serve something besides chicken. If you are on a budget, why not serve pasta? I rather have pasta than chicken any day of the week. I have an upcoming bride that is serving all of her favorite foods. There isn’t a vege to be seen. She’s a girl after my own heart!

1. iDo Skip it. An iPod doesn’t work but at small weddings. Nothing can compare to a professional wedding photographer. And getting your friends involved in your wedding planning? You’re asking for trouble!

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