Répondez, s’il vous plaît

What does RSVP mean? Well, the title of my posts is the actual French translation. But the request means so much more. It means that the hostess is requesting a response for an event that she is planning.

Many times, the first time a person hosts an event requesting a RSVP is for a wedding or a wedding related event. It is extremely frustrating when guests don’t RSVP. I’ve had some RSVP slackers (as I like to call the guests that don’t bother responding) for past events (showers, weddings, etc.). I’m always baffled by their behavior.

How did this come back to my attention? I felt prompted to actually post about this problem after reading this great New York Times Op-Ed.
Last year, I hosted a surprise party for my husband’s birthday. Since I was paying for a number of items transportation, dessert, etc., I needed a head count. I was shocked that people opted not to respond to my request or those that cancelled on that day. And don’t think you can blame it on just the gentleman. I’m hosting a First Day of Spring Brunch this weekend and have yet to hear from two invited guests.

Be a gracious guest and please RSVP!

If you have questions about RSVPing, click here.

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