Alma + David

Alma and David were not looking for a traditional wedding; instead, they wanted to create a fun party atmosphere for their guests. As employees of Boeing, they chose to have their wedding the weekend of the Chicago Air & Water Show. All of these thoughtful touches added up to an event that was uniquely “them”.

Cake: Take the Cake
Ceremony + Reception: Blackstone Hotel
Florist: Goldie’s Flower Shop
Hair + Makeup: Morgan Blaul
Music, Game Show and Video: Sounds Abound
Photo Booth: Shutterbox Photobooth
Photographer: One Love Photo
Wii: Chicago Sports Games

All photos by One Love Photo.

Alma was probably one of the calmest brides I have ever worked with.

Crossing Michigan Avenue for some photos.

The girls took pictures right across the street at Grant Park.
Each wore a black cocktail dress of their own choosing.

Alma was smiling all day!

The guys strike a pose in the famous Barbershop. The Blackstone is full of history!

Theirs was the first ceremony to take place in the Art Hall.

Alma and David wrote their own vows. While touching, they also had a sense of humor. David pledged to support “your crazy marathon training schedule, your unhealthy addiction to TiVo, and your insistence on taking bites from anything I try to eat.”

Cutting their cake airplane themed cake. Look for a shot of the topper tomorrow.

The bride and groom snuck out during the reception for a few city photos.

I generally try and stay out of photos as much as possible, but this picture makes me laugh as it is really a snapshot of working as a coordinator. I am carrying my emergency kit on my shoulder and my small bag which holds necessities like my cell phone and tip envelopes, while trying to navigate through the room to get the big cake knife away from the little kiddies – all with a smile on my face!

When Alma and David said they wanted their guests to have fun, they meant it. They hired a company to bring in four flat screen televisions and Wiis. Alma’s niece is playing Guitar Hero – the guitar is almost bigger than she is!

The reception also included trivia about the bride and groom in a game show format.

Tomorrow I’ll showcase some of their fun details!

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