Fashionista Favorite enters the wedding business…

Every once in awhile, I get a bride that books my services without every meeting me in person. I find that fascinating since I can’t even commit to buying socks online. I’m too much of a toucher/inspector to trust an online image. Luckily, the world is geared more towards her than moi.

If you are looking for a fabulous gown and want to get it online, check out The Wedding Boutique at NET-A-PORTER.COM. They offer the most fabulous options starting at $229 up to the $15k mark. The selection is well edited although I was surprised that they opted to include these as an option. There are also some fun categories, such as “Classic Bride” and “Fashion Forward Bride”.

If I was getting married on a beach, I would totally rock this dress.
I never understand why girls wear big or heavy dresses for their beach wedding.

Very similar to my second dress, I adore this dress. I would have totally worn this to this dress to my other wedding. What wedding is that? The one where we have an intimate reception with drinks before flying off in a jet plane.

I love a fabulous short dress. You’d have to be stick skinny to pull this one off but I love the poofiness of this fabulous frock. Made by Lanvin, Alber (the brand’s head designer) is after my heart yet again.

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