For the Fashionistas…

If you love fashion, then you will adore The Sartorialist. It’s a fashionista favorite. It’s a bit hard now, with an expanding belly… I can’t fit into any of these lovelies…but I will share will all of you Brides.

I really want to rock socks with heels. In my current “state”, I’m afraid that I’ll just be mistaken for a hot mess.

I almost want it to be winter again. Almost.

PS. Never tell anyone, even someone that is pregnant, that they are “huge” or “possibly carrying twins”. Not cool.

2 thoughts on “For the Fashionistas…

  1. Melissa says:

    No! You should totally rock the socks & heels. Seriously, being pregnant is THE time when you can totally get away with wearing practically ANYTHING! The baby belly is so cute. It's postpartum that you've got to watch out for.


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