Chicago History + Wedding Dresses

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to hold (or even wear!) an antique wedding dress,
feel all that history and magic in the fragile lace and intricate buttons. Hopefully you knew the story behind it – maybe have a photo of your great aunt or grandmother wearing it. Sometimes half the fun is imagining the story of the women who experienced the most beautiful day of her life in it.

On May 22 the Chicago Historical Society opens a new exhibit offering an intimate look into the history of wedding dresses.

“I Do! Chicago Ties the Knot” features for the first time more than fifty dresses and heirlooms from the Museum’s Chicago wedding collection and illustrates how society affected the style and tradition of a timeless event. From a shop girl’s simple frock to a grand Givenchy gown, the pieces on display bring to life what weddings were like for our mothers, grandmothers, and even their grandmothers.

The exhibit also promises to include “early items of courtship” from the Frontier days… intriguing!

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