Stilettos are Fab but not for a 12 hour day.

I could do an entire week’s worth of posts on the dressing disasters I see among wedding guests.

#1 – Shoes

I can tell you that if there is a noon ceremony and the reception isn’t until 6PM, then your feet are going to be hurting before the cocktail hour ends. That is why I love these: fold-up ballet flats by Fit in the Clouds that can fit into your handbag. For only $22, I think they are a total bargain and much more chic than going barefoot.

4 thoughts on “Stilettos are Fab but not for a 12 hour day.

  1. Amy says:

    I think shoes are the one area you can skimp on…I found my wedding shoes in 5 minutes and they cost about $20 at payless. Best of all, THEY WERE COMFORTABLE. You don't need to wear super uncomfortable shoes to look FAB on your wedding day.


  2. Julia says:

    THANK YOU! I am so not one of those powerhouse career women who can strut down the city streets from 9am to 6pm in sky-high heels. I can only go about three hours, so I've actually adopted this tip for nights out dancing! I always bring a purse big enough to smush a pair of flats in, and check my bag at the door so I'm not socking people with a purse all night on the dancefloor. Lifesaver! Especially since after hours of dancing, the walk back to your car on tired legs and a tired back, i.e., really bad posture, in high heels is what's most likely to give you pain the next day.


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