They won!

Awhile ago, I posted, Vote for Cheri + Adam, about a previous client of mine that was in a contest to be selected for Dennis Lee’s next advertisement. Well, they won! Their ad is in the current issue of CS Brides. To look at the advertisement, click here for a digital copy of the magazine and turn to page 262.

Bridal Event: A L’Amour Sample Sale

If you are a bride still looking for your dream dress, then you need to go to the Sale of the Year. This is the the biggest sale A L’Amour has ever had and they will be offering dresses starting at $199. Sample and new gowns will be available. All gowns are 50+% off.

A L’Amour
236 West Northwest Highway
July 29th – 31st
To make an appointment, call 847.381.5858.

Sally + Joe’s Washington Library Wedding

Oops! I scheduled Sally and Joe’s real wedding post for 6.23.10 and 7.24.10, instead of 6.24.10. If you can’t recall, here is a link to the first blog post. Sally and Joe were married at St. Vincent de Paul and had their reception at the Washington Library.
All photos by Christopher Dimock Photography.

The gorgeous escort card table arrangement was inspired by the Fall season.

The centerpieces were tall and full.
On top of each menu and napkin was a small flower.

The tables were named after the couple’s favorite books.
The couple had a copy of each book on the table.

The cake was simply decorated but was stunning by size.

A view of the room.
Once the lights went down, the room took a romantic turn with all of the candlelight.
Besides a guest book, the couple displayed wedding photos of other immediate family members.

Sally + Joe cut the gorgeous cake.
In the middle of their first dance!
The band gets the crowd moving!
The bride was having the time of her life!

Loving Kate Spade

Ever since Kate Spade left Kate Spade, I have loved the line. Seriously. Back in the day, when all those girls were running around with her fabric hand bags, I would roll my eyes. But now? Completely adore the brand. Just like these fun shoes, Chrisette. They would look fabulous under a wedding dress AND they will look great when you wear them again and again. And you know, you totally would.

Who doesn’t love a house full of photos?

The New York Times had a great article about using your snapshots to decorate your home. If you considering using your wedding photos, make sure to buy the rights from your photographer. You can use the photos in many ways besides the standard picture on the thank you card!

The article highlights using Shutterfly for large prints. Personally, I prefer CostCo. I am absolutely in love with CostCo – and printing photos at a low price is just one of the many reasons.

Our new home has two long hallways. My plan is to do a collage of photos of us and the baby for the downstairs to give it a more casual feel. For the upstairs, I am going to get prints of photos from our trips. Here is one of my favorites.

Cakegirls T

If you haven’t heard, Cakegirls had a fire that has put their business on hold. They are selling T’s to raise some money for their employees while they try to rebuild their business. If you are interested in helping out, click here.