Photo Collages

Our new home has two really long hallways. I love them because I finally have a place to display all of our favorite photos. I already wrote about my plans awhile ago. Here are some photos to use as inspiration!

In the next few weeks, I plan on blogging about the home improvement projects we’ve done in each of the rooms. It’s is, after two months, finally starting to come together!

This is so fantastic for an entryway!
The entryway for our new home, sadly, is probably my least favorite part of our new home. I kept this photo around for inspiration. I love that the photos are black and white but the color comes from different style frames.

I ended up going with all of the same frames — similar to this photo. But I added different sizes to add more depth.

I kept this photo around as a what NOT to do — I think the photos are too small for the space. I would have redone this space in a different way. Remember: go big!

I love love the photo on the left. This is closer to what I plan on doing! Black and white with some color photos, all with the same frames.

This is a bit too much. They spent the time to stripe the walls, add a coat rack, some fabulous artwork and yet left the hideous light fixture. Plus, I think it is too busy.

Picking the photos for the upstairs hallway had taken a tremendous amount of time. We went through hundreds of photos from our trips (5 international plus two dozen within the US) to narrow it down to 31 photos. Finally, we had to pick the size we wanted the photo. It is a ton of work! We’re off to CostCo today to pick up the photos and put them in the frames. I hope that all of our efforts pay off.

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