Bridal Event: le Dress

Weddings involve so many events aside from the actual wedding day. Say Yes to le Dress is an event to help all of you brides outfit your wardrobe for this other special days – showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc. Along with a great assortment of dresses, Erin Gallagher jewelry will be showcased and Nika Vaughan will be there to provide makeup tips. Toast & Jam DJ’s and Foodie Registry will also be present.

Tuesday October 5th, 6-9pm
1741 West Division St

What’s your favorite wedding tradition?

In the October 2010 issue of InStyle, celebrities were asked “What’s your favorite wedding tradition?”

“I loved not seeing her that day until we saw each other during the ceremony.”
— Ellen DeGeneres

“Brides tend to forget to wear something blue. I had a little blue ribbon sewn into my dress that I really loved.”
— Ashlee Simpson- Wentz

“The toasts! Sometimes they’re funny or inappropriate. You’re like, “Wow, maybe you don’t want to share that with 150 people.”
— Kate Walsh

“Well, I’m Mexican, so we have a lot of them. I love the lasso in Catholic ceremonies. It’s basically a rosary that they put around the bride and the groom.”
— Eva Longoria Parker

The article really struck me because it took me awhile to have a favorite wedding tradition. I absolutely love the anniversary dance and am thrilled to see it slowly replacing the bridal bouquet toss. I rather celebrate marriage at any wedding.

What is your favorite tradition?

Couture at it’s Best

Charlotte Dellal is the designer behind the fablous UK shoe line, Charlotte Olympia. Married in May 2010, she had Giambattia Valli design a gown for her. And, I adore the gown for the simple fact that it looks like two gowns, but is, in fact, just one.

The photo quality is poor; but use your imagination!

For the ceremony, the bride walked in with layers upon layers of tulle. (I am loathing the 80s effect on the photo too).

After the ceremony, the bride took the tulle off to show a dress that looks very different.

Do you love it? I do.

Buying a Gown at White House Black Market

How many mass retailers are going to enter the wedding gown market?

The latest is the Bridal Boutique at White House Black Market. I have only seen the photos online but like the designs. I really want to see the line in person though before giving a final opinion. Something can look great on the web but not so great in person.

My main concern is the quality of the dresses. Katharine which is made of polyester and costs only $348. Audrey is $698 but made of pure silk. In my eyes, the Audrey gown is the real bargain … but again, I would like to see the gown in person to feel the quality of the material. Quality at WHBM is very much hit or miss, in my opinion.



Love It. Hate It.

In the same September issue as yesterday’s post, Vogue covered two recent brides that both happen to be models.

I adore Coco Rocha’s gown. (If you haven’t seen the video from her wedding, then where have you been? Click here.) The gown, designed by Zac Posen, it is stunning. And can be/ should be worn by only 1% of the population. She is truly breathtaking.

Lara Stone’s dress is an entirely different matter. What was she thinking?! My initial impression is that even if she was marrying a rock star (she didn’t, the groom is an actor), I hate this dress. I mean, I really hate it.

What do you think?

I love you, Oscar de la Renta

If you don’t follow politics, Huma Abedin is Hilary Clinton’s assistant, was recently married. Her gown was custom designed by Oscar de la Renta.

I absolutely adore this gown. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

PS. I love it even more for not being strapless.