Dressing my Bridesmaids

Choosing bridesmaids dresses was harder than what I thought. When I first engaged, I was confident that I give the my bridesmaids the liberty to choose their own dress has long as it was cocktail stlye and black. I liked the idea that they could get a dress they could wear again and it wasn’t so cookie-cutter. I am not a fan of bridesmaids dresses that look like they are straight out of a bridal magazine. However, being the planner I am, it made me anxious thinking about what my girls would choose since I have an array of personalities.

I moved on to plan B, which was picking out ones for them. I was set on the color black, but now couldn’t choose between long vs. short dresses. Being a December wedding, long dresses would be perfect for the weather, but on of my goals was to pick out a dress the girls could wear again. Here’s what I liked.

This dress is form Nordstrom, but unfortunately $198.00 and I felt that was too high for a few of my bridesmaids.

I love the length and the bow on this dress from Nordstrom, but I really wanted a dress that actually wasn’t strapless. However, the price was doable, only $138.00.

Finally, I found this one.

I love basically everything about it; the ruffle collar, the length, the ability to wear it again, and the price. So, I had a few of my girls try them on at Nordstrom and try them on. One of my bridesmaids, Lucy, texted me while she was in the dressing room saying, “I love it. I definitely think I could wear it again. Plus it just reminds me of you!’ That sealed the deal for me!

What to do with that old bridesmaid dress?

Dessy has been designing bridesmaid gowns for many years. I am in absolute love with this idea that launched recently. Called Newlymaid, the concept is pure (green) genius.

  1. Find an old bridesmaid dress
  2. Mail to Newlymaid.
  3. Get a code for discount shopping.
  4. Buy a new dress like the own pictured above!

Why would Newlymaid want your old gown? They either recycle the dress or they donate it to charity. Click here for the pretty amazing idea.

We’ve Been Blogged!

Indian Website just blogged for three days about one of our Indian real weddings. The second blog post shows the gorgeous, modern mandap that highlighted their reception. Anjali and Paul were had two ceremonies, including a Hindu ceremony at the Intercontinental. It was a beautiful wedding day!

Cocktail Hour Music

At my ideal wedding, guests would dance the night away to a 10 piece band. However, I am not planning with an ideal budget 🙂 My first compromise was recently made by booking a DJ instead of a band. I am in the beginning stages that it is necessary to make a few compromises. We are now perfectly happy with our great DJ.

However, there was still a part of me that really wanted some live music. The cocktail hour offered a perfect time, so my fiance and I began brainstorming ideas. We initially thought jazz trio or Spanish guitarist, but wasn’t 100% satisfied. We wanted something that represented us! After some thought, I offered the suggestion of having a few Irish musicians. I traveled abroad in Ireland and one of my favorite things to do was go to a pub and listen to the music. Kyle visited me and got the chance to hear the musicians live and also loved it.

Here is the two of us at the Cliffs of Moher.

At first my fiance wasn’t thrilled with a the casualness of Irish musicians playing in a beautiful, formal venue like Spiaggia. However, we contacted the Irish School of Music and went to listen to their musicians perform at the bar Cheif O’Neils. If you go to their website, the music they have playing is similar to what will be played at our wedding.

This picture is an example of a pub where multiple musicians would bring their instrument and begin playing. It was kind of like a pick up game of basketball, but music!
I am thrilled about our cocktail hour and can’t wait to for our guests to hear the music I fell in love with in Ireland!

Something Borrowed

This past weekend, my fiance and I attended a wedding in North Carolina of one of our close high school friends. This was our first wedding together as an engaged couple! Of course being a bride-to-be, I had many opinions and critiques. However, I loved walking into their reception room as the couple had an extremely dramatic lay out. I loved it! Their head table was large rectangle centered in the middle of the room. They sat at the head of the table with all of their bridal party and guest surrounding them. One one end was the carving stations while the other end had the dance floor. Below is a photo.

You can see in the picture the circular tables around the large head table. To add to the drama, they only had tall floral center pieces on the head table. I loved it! I didn’t think I would be one to steal an idea from another wedding, but I just may have to do this if Spiaggia’s floor plan permits!

Royal Wedding, The Cakes

The wedding cake was a big disappointment for me. I felt that the design was a little dull and not nearly as stunning as I would have

hoped. Not that I was able to taste it, but I wasn’t excited that they stuck with tradition and served fruit cake. If you are not a long time reader, click here to read about that tradition. (I’ll give you a hint: First comes love, then comes marriage…)

Prince William requested a biscuit cake using a family recipie. I have never had a biscuit cake but am obsessed with digestives. Also referred as English biscuits, these cookies are very close to a Girl Scout Trefoil. I would love to try this type of cake sometime in the future!