Royal Wedding, The Gowns

I realize that everyone else has already talked about the Royal Wedding. I waited until I could find the exact images before hitting up my blog. I really adored Kate’s Alexander McQueen wedding gown. The gown is not only elegant but very much Kate’s style. I felt that the dress was a cross between the wedding gowns worn by Grace Kelly and Ivanka Trump. I loved the cut. I also loved the lace and that it wasn’t strapless!

And then there was the second dress. Also designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, I felt that it was a huge fail. The gorgeous embellishment didn’t work with the simple circle and the shrunken angora cardigan. Seriously?! The dress doesn’t fit the royal occasion. It is far too simple and the jeweled waist looks as though it was added on at the last minute. I would have suggested an entirely different dress. I think that Kate’s Maid of Honor, her sister Pippa, wore a gown that would have been a much better choice for an evening gown. That dress was amazing!

One thought on “Royal Wedding, The Gowns

  1. Laura says:

    Agreed on the second dress. I thought the fit was off – it made her look TOO skinny (I almost feel like you can see her hip bones poking out) and overall it didn't feel very royal. Quite a downgrade after the amazing first dress!


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