Royal Wedding, Attire for the Guests

If you look at the invitation, the wedding attire was specified as uniform, morning coat, or lounge suit. I think it goes without saying that the attire detail that everyone cared about was the hats.

And we cannot talk about the hats without starting off with Princess Beatrice. It was a jaw dropping creation. I am interested to see if the Princess turns into a fashionista ala Isabella Blow or Daphne Guinness. The milliner that designed most of the hats worn at the wedding is none other than Philip Treacy.

Members of the royal wedding kept with a more traditional look. I would love to plan a morning wedding where the ladies wear lovely hats and the gentlemen wear morning coats.

One thought on “Royal Wedding, Attire for the Guests

  1. Lisa says:

    Beatrice's hat was jaw dropping, but not in a positive way. Looked like an octopus on her head.As for her sister's entire outfit, let's just say she could have chosen something more flattering for her body type.


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