Something Borrowed

This past weekend, my fiance and I attended a wedding in North Carolina of one of our close high school friends. This was our first wedding together as an engaged couple! Of course being a bride-to-be, I had many opinions and critiques. However, I loved walking into their reception room as the couple had an extremely dramatic lay out. I loved it! Their head table was large rectangle centered in the middle of the room. They sat at the head of the table with all of their bridal party and guest surrounding them. One one end was the carving stations while the other end had the dance floor. Below is a photo.

You can see in the picture the circular tables around the large head table. To add to the drama, they only had tall floral center pieces on the head table. I loved it! I didn’t think I would be one to steal an idea from another wedding, but I just may have to do this if Spiaggia’s floor plan permits!

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