Dressing my Bridesmaids

Choosing bridesmaids dresses was harder than what I thought. When I first engaged, I was confident that I give the my bridesmaids the liberty to choose their own dress has long as it was cocktail stlye and black. I liked the idea that they could get a dress they could wear again and it wasn’t so cookie-cutter. I am not a fan of bridesmaids dresses that look like they are straight out of a bridal magazine. However, being the planner I am, it made me anxious thinking about what my girls would choose since I have an array of personalities.

I moved on to plan B, which was picking out ones for them. I was set on the color black, but now couldn’t choose between long vs. short dresses. Being a December wedding, long dresses would be perfect for the weather, but on of my goals was to pick out a dress the girls could wear again. Here’s what I liked.

This dress is form Nordstrom, but unfortunately $198.00 and I felt that was too high for a few of my bridesmaids.

I love the length and the bow on this dress from Nordstrom, but I really wanted a dress that actually wasn’t strapless. However, the price was doable, only $138.00.

Finally, I found this one.

I love basically everything about it; the ruffle collar, the length, the ability to wear it again, and the price. So, I had a few of my girls try them on at Nordstrom and try them on. One of my bridesmaids, Lucy, texted me while she was in the dressing room saying, “I love it. I definitely think I could wear it again. Plus it just reminds me of you!’ That sealed the deal for me!

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