E-Session Part 1

Even after 10 years of dating, Kyle and I have never had professional pictures taken together. I was thrilled to finally schedule our engagement session and begin planning for it. I wanted our pictures taken in the city, but I also wanted a location that was unique and meaningful to our relationship. We both immediately agreed on HB or Home Bistro, which is one of our favorite restaurants. It is a great BYOB in Lakeview that Kyle took me to for our first Valentine’s Day in Chicago together. We have now been about 6 times in the past 2 years. They were extremely gracious and allowed us to come in while the restaurant was closed to use the entire space!

The picture is from their website and shows off the unique dining room. I always feel like we are in their family room because of the ambiance and aesthetics.

Since it is a BYOB, we brought in our own wine for the shoot. My fiance loves wine and introduced me to it on our first trip to France. It has become a hobby of ours from wine tastings, trips to vineyards, or drinking a bottle together on a Saturday night. We definitely wanted to include it in some of our pictures.

Next, we walked around Lakeview for a few minutes and finished at Montrose Harbor. Our first choice was Northerly Island because again Kyle and I have history there, but time did not permit. However, Montrose Harbor was a perfect compromise and we got some great outdoor pictures. Normally, the harbor offers a great skyline view, like the one below, but the night of our pictures there was a extremely dense fog.

Picture from google images

At the time, I was disappointed that we didn’t get a skyline shot, but after our shoot Steve Koo‘s wife, Laura, emailed me and said the pictures with the fog reminded her of Ireland! Now I just can’t wait to see how they turned out!

2 thoughts on “E-Session Part 1

  1. Abby says:

    My fiance and I LOVE HB. It is actually our favorite spot too! We went on our second date there and the night we got engaged. The staff there is amazing and the food is awesome too. I'm glad another couple can enjoy this place as much as we do!


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