Wedding Website

I have finally finished our wedding website, which felt great checking off my not-so-short to do list. For some reason, I put this off until the last possible minute. Instead of sending a traditional save the date, we decided to send an announcement through a website called Paperless Post. This was the motivation to finish the website.

There are an overwhelming number of options but we chose For someone who is not computer savvy, it is easy to set up and update. The website gives a wide variety of page options but we chose the more simplistic route. We wanted the website to be used as a place for guests to get information on the wedding events and hotel accommodations. However, we did set up one page to show off our favorite engagement pictures!

Above is a snap shot of the cover. We chose a black and theme which is perfect for our wedding. That picture is also one of our engagement pictures. Again thanks to Steve Koo Photography!

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