Lunch of a Lifetime

With less than 4 months to go until our wedding, I can honestly say I have enjoyed everything about being engaged. At times there have been difficult decisions and stressful conversations but that is a given with wedding planning! I have yet to have my bridal showers or bachelorette party, so besides engagement pictures and registering, Kyle and I haven’t had many other events as an engaged couple…until last week.

We had one of the best experiences, not just of our engagement, but of our relationship! We were given the opportunity to have lunch with Chef Tony Mantuano and his wife Cathy Mantuano at Cafe Spiaggia. Our wedding package Spiaggia offers complimentary consultations regarding registering, wine, entertaining, and lunch with the Mantuano’s. Choosing the lunch option was a no-brainer for us!

In short, the lunch was incredibly delicious (as well as a great preview for what our wedding will be like) and filled with fun conversations. We were greeted with a celebratory glass of prosecco and started the meal with multiple passed appetizers, which were served like hors d’oeuvres. My favorite was the sardine served on a fennel bread with pesto. Then, we were served a delicious goat cheese, arugula pizza. Again, yum! Finally, we had two different pasta’s and my favorite dish of the meal which was a gnocchi with wild boar.

Kyle and I were in food heaven. After about an hour of eating and talking about traveling, wine, cooking, our wedding, Tony and Cathy had to leave. On their way out sent us a few desserts.

Below are pictures of some of the items that we ate.

The delicious sardine appetizer

This was beef carpaccio, another appetizer.

I had no idea it was raw beef. I may not have eaten it if I knew before hand 🙂

Yummy, pizza!

After this we are very much looking forward to our tasting and finalizing our menu. I’d be happy if our wedding dinner is half as good as this lunch.

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