Groom Attire

I was inspired by an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” when Randy complained how often grooms do not put enough effort into their wardrobe. Groom’s usually settle for a tuxedo that is horribly fitted and/or not tried on until the day before the wedding. I see this all of the time in my job! It’s ironic how a groom will pay little attention to his attire, yet a bride spends hours picking the most important dress of her life! So, my desire is to have Kyle look as equivalently elegant as me. Fortunately this was not difficult as Kyle is well dressed and agreed with me, but he did almost take as long as me to make his final decision.

Anyway…a few stores later and many months of debating whether to buy or rent we are satisfied with our decision (This picture was our initial inspiration for a fitted suit ). I really love everything about this duo! We ended up choosing to rent a fitted tuxedo, not suit, with a black skinny tie. The reasoning for a tuxedo and not suit was all because of a fitting. Kyle liked the suit look better but after trying on both items with the correct measurements, he decided on the tuxedo. I am so glad we did a fitting so he knows exactly what it will look and feel like on our wedding day. I can’t wait to see him all dressed up!

For the groomsmen, we are having them wear the same black tuxedo but with a different tie, like the one below. It is polka dot, which I usually hate! However, I saw it in the store and it looks stunning. Its subtle and brings in the black and white theme perfectly. We will be providing our own ties, which means it will be one of the gifts to the groomsmen!

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