Sash or No Sash

Last weekend I had my final round of alterations for my wedding dress and everything went great! I lucked out with not needing a lot of alterations. Trying it on again made me re-think about getting a sash/belt though. My style and the dress is simple and minimalistic but a part of me wants something that will jazz it up a bit for the reception. I have found a few sashes that I am considering. I found this one etsy and love the elegance. It isn’t over the top so it won’t take away from the rest of the gown.

Little White Dresser

Here is another belt that I love. It is so different from the other one! It isn’t near as flashy but I love the rosettes and whimsical look.

My third option is a mix of both, as it has simple flowers but some rhinestones to add some charm. I love it!

Since it’s not possible to see the sashes with the gown, I am having a really hard time making a decision. I think I need to order and keep my fingers crossed.

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