Shower # 1

This past weekend I had my first shower! It was in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I grew up. I was able to visit with lots of great family and friends.

Me and my matron of honor who did a great job hosting, preparing all the food and gave one of the best gifts!

She had so many desserts, all the guests were taking to go boxes. My favorite carrot cake cupcakes, strawberry fruit pizza and sopapilla’s were all delicious.

After eating, we all sat down to open presents. My mother’s friend gave me my first apron, which I had to try on. It’s cute, but won’t be worn a lot because I hate to cook!

30 minutes later and lots of bows for my rehearsal bouquet, I had so many presents to take home! My matron of honor and her mother took the time to hand write all of her recipes, which was the sweetest gift. They both know how much I hate to cook and thought this would be a good start.

Here is me with my future sister-in-laws. I first met them when they were 10 and 12, now they are 20 and 22. Crazy!

All of my bridesmaids, but one who couldn’t attend. They are all so wonderful and I can’t wait for December 16th!

What should I buy for a Bridesmaids Gift?

With only two months to go, there are decisions that I have put off for too long! I have told my self that I must purchase bridesmaids gifts by next week, but of course can’t make a decision. I don’t want to give meaningless items that they will never use again, yet I don’t want to brake my bank. I have a few ideas that are from Etsy. I have never bought from the site so that leads to more hesitation. Since I got engaged in the winter and love scarves, I have already bought silver pashminas that I will give the girls to keep warm with, so I am looking to complete my gift.

Option 1: Victoria Secret robes. I think that these would be a fun gift for all the girls to wear while we are getting ready in the hotel. The other benefit is that they can wear them again and again!

Option 2: Jewelry from JewelledPeachDesign on Etsy. The earrings would be a great accent to their black dress. If I went with the earrings, I think I may try to find another small gift.

Option 3: Clutch from LeelaPurse on Etsy. I love these clutches! The shop offers multiple different fabrics, bows, and rhinestone broaches so I could make each bag fit the girl’s individual style. They could use it on our wedding day but also again on a night out!

Which one should I get?