What should I buy for a Bridesmaids Gift?

With only two months to go, there are decisions that I have put off for too long! I have told my self that I must purchase bridesmaids gifts by next week, but of course can’t make a decision. I don’t want to give meaningless items that they will never use again, yet I don’t want to brake my bank. I have a few ideas that are from Etsy. I have never bought from the site so that leads to more hesitation. Since I got engaged in the winter and love scarves, I have already bought silver pashminas that I will give the girls to keep warm with, so I am looking to complete my gift.

Option 1: Victoria Secret robes. I think that these would be a fun gift for all the girls to wear while we are getting ready in the hotel. The other benefit is that they can wear them again and again!

Option 2: Jewelry from JewelledPeachDesign on Etsy. The earrings would be a great accent to their black dress. If I went with the earrings, I think I may try to find another small gift.

Option 3: Clutch from LeelaPurse on Etsy. I love these clutches! The shop offers multiple different fabrics, bows, and rhinestone broaches so I could make each bag fit the girl’s individual style. They could use it on our wedding day but also again on a night out!

Which one should I get?

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