Bridal Weekend!

Two weekends ago, I had an entire weekend of bridal luxury. It started off with a shower hosted by my future mother in law in Indianapolis.

All of my bridesmaids were able to attend, which was the first time during my engagement.
I can’t wait to be with them on December 16!
Lots and lots of presents. My favorite was the stone wine chiller from Crate and Barrel!

My mother in law bought a beautiful carrot cake (my favorite) that was decorated in black and white.

After the shower, we intermediately headed over to my friends house to get ready to start my bachelorette party! As I was freshening up, all the girls started yelling for me to come outside and this is what pulled up, a stretch hummer limo. I do not remember the last time I was in a limo! It was taking us to Mallow Run, a small winery outside of Indianapolis.

A group shot!

A group cheers to moi in the tasting room.

The picture isn’t the best because of the sun, but here is my lovely mother and sister.

Before we left, we took a photo in front of the vineyard.

On our ride back, my sister had a fun “Who knows Kyle and Sam the best” quiz that we played, while drinking more wine of course!

Then when we arrived back to my friends house, we quickly changed and were out again for dinner. This is a group picture of us before we left and unfortunately the last one of the night.

I had such a blast and this was my ideal bachelorette party. I wanted something more low key and not super crazy which was exactly what my sister did…soo fun!

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