TipsyCake: Tea, Tipples, and Tasting

We were so excited to help our friends at TipsyCake launch their new location in Bucktown. TipsyCake makes cakes that are both delicious and visually stunning! 

All Photos by Rick Aguilar Studios

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous specialty cake, an afternoon tea with friends, or a quick sugary pick-me-up TipsyCake’s new Bucktown location is perfect for all three!

The event was called an evening of Tea, Tipples, and Tasting.  The definition of tipples was included on the invitation: “to drink alcoholic liquor or engage in such social drinking, especially during the context of celebration”.

Pulp and Ink created these fun invitations for the night. 

Guests were invited to taste some of the delicious food  available at TipsyCake. Cakes were displayed and everyone went home with a slice of cake.

The cake below was designed for the party. Everyone involved with the event was represented on the cake! 

Pistil and Vine provided all the wonderful floral for the evening. I love how they incorporated TipsyCake blue with pops of fuchsia!

Art Below Zero are the masterminds behind this amazing ice sculpture. It was a striking image from the moment you entered the space!

Two speciality cocktails were created in honor of each of Tipsycake’s locations, and both were extremely yummy!

For owner Naomi Levine it was a family affair. She celebrated with her mother, who flew in from Australia, and her adorable son!

Later in the evening, The Slide Ride rolled in to provide a late night snack for guests. The burgers were a huge hit!

What a crowd! Everyone came out to support the TipsyCake team!

We are so thrilled that we could help the entire TipsyCake team celebrate the opening of their new location!

Laura + Mark, Part 2

Yesterday, I blogged about Laura and Mark’s morning until their first look.  Below is rest of their gorgeous wedding!

All photos by JPP Studios. 

Laura and Mark took portraits around the city, including the Bean.

They also took some photos at the Modern Wing.

The couple’s menu in a pocket-fold styled napkin.

The lush and modern centerpieces look lovely on the rectangle tables.

The escort cards had a decidedly modern feel! I like that the arrangement wasn’t in the middle of the table but off to the side.

Guests enjoying the cocktail hour space

Laura and Mark in front of the Restless Rainbow installation.

The couples dance the night away!

Laura + Mark: Part 1

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Laura and Mark were featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs.  Laura and Mark wanted a gorgeous weddings with a modern feel.  I can’t think of a better venue than The Modern Wing.  The clean lines really created a beautiful wedding!

Band: Alison Ruble
Florist: Larkspur
Hair + Make-up: J. Gordon Designs
Ceremony + Reception: The Modern Wing

All photos by JPP Studios.

Laura getting ready for the day.

I adore the hairpin!

Modern traditionalism: you can’t go wrong with Manolo Blahnik!

Classic peals?  After just a few photos, Laura’s style is so apparent!

I adore any sort of embellishment but this is really gorgeous!
Laura’s gown at the Elysian (now the Waldorf Astoria).

Such a gorgeous bouquet, thanks to Larkspur!

The sash being tied is the final touch.

The first look.

Tomorrow, we’ll have more photos of the ceremony and reception!

Courtney + Erik: Part 2

In my last post, I shared the start of Courtney and Erik’s day, including their beautiful ceremony at Holy Name Cathedral. Now I’m excited to share the wedding party as they take photos around the city and their reception at the Chicago Cultural Center!

All photos by Danielle Aquiline.

The wedding party got some great shots on the steps of the MCA – always a great stop for pictures in the city!

They even popped inside the museum for a few pictures. I love this one of Courtney and Erik!

And, of course, you have to take pictures on one of Chicago’s fabulous bridges!

While the wedding party was out and about, I was at the Chicago Cultural Center making sure every detail was perfect.

Botanicals did a fantastic job with the flowers – this large display on the escort card table made an amazing first impression as guests arrived!

Courtney and Erik made sure their guests had plenty of sweets to choose from! Bittersweet created this large cupcake for the couple to use as their cutting cake.

They also made a life sized hockey stick and puck for the groom’s cake – so much fun!

And, to top everything off, Molly’s Cupcakes provided plenty of delicious cupcakes for guests to sample!

After all of the guests had been seated for dinner, it was time for introductions!

Courtney and Erik opted to do an East Coast style reception, which meant guests were encouraged to dance in between courses. They also enjoyed their first dance and dances with their parents in between courses.

Finally, it was time for the couple to cut their cake! Who wouldn’t want to cut right into a huge cupcake?

The Jeff Stitely Orchestra did an amazing job keeping the guests dancing throughout the night.

Courtney and Erik made sure they were on the dance floor as much as possible, which is also a great way to ensure your guests keep dancing. Guests want to be wherever the bride and groom are!

Courtney and Erik, your day was so much fun – thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Courtney + Erik: Part 1

I met with Courtney right before she and Erik moved to the East Coast for Courtney to start grad school. She was trying to get as much planning done as she could before launching into the rigors of grad school, and I was very excited at the end of our meeting Courtney shared that she definitely wanted to work together. The plans for her wedding sounded gorgeous: Chicago Cultural Center, Holy Name Cathedral, Vera Wang. Need I say more?

I wasn’t able to meet Erik until the rehearsal, but I could tell immediately that he and Courtney were a perfect match for one another. Both are incredibly kind, a lot of fun to be around and close with their families. I had so much fun being a part of their day!

Bartenders: Food Evolution
Ceremony: Holy Name Cathedral
Caterer: Restaurant Michael
Florist: Botanicals
Groom’s Cake + Cupcake Cutting Cake: Bittersweet
Lighting: Frost
Videographer: Blu Couture

All photos by Danielle Aquiline.

Courtney and her bridesmaids got ready in the Vice President Suite at the InterContinental Hotel. It was a gorgeous room and perfect for the hustle and bustle of a wedding day!

Korena from Sonia Roselli made sure everyone’s hair was perfect for the day!

Sana was set up doing makeup in the upstairs portion of the suite – it was a quiet little spot away from the chaos. Her work was gorgeous!

veryone couldn’t help but swoon over Courtney’s amazing Vera Wang gown.

And, of course, her sparkly Jimmy Choo slingbacks!

It’s such an exciting part of the day when it’s finally time to get the bride dressed.

Loved how fluffy and floaty Courtney’s dress was.

While Courtney’s bridesmaids were helping her with the final details…

…Erik and his groomsmen were in another room at the InterContinental Hotel getting their bow ties perfectly straight. I think everyone was relieved that one groomsman was an expert at tying bow ties!

Courtney was cool, calm and collected as we headed over to Holy Name for the ceremony.

Before we knew it, Courtney and her father were walking down the aisle. It was time to get married!

With a kiss, Courtney and Erik were finally husband and wife!

The rainy day didn’t stop the couple – they had a great attitude and were ready to head out for photos with their wedding party before the reception!

Up next I’ll be sharing photos of the wedding party around the city and Courtney and Erik’s gorgeous Chicago Cultural Center reception!