I’m loving Etsy Wedding

My first purchase from Etsy was back in 2007 for rehearsal dinner favors.  They were really cute notepads that were made from recycled CTA cards.  As Etsy has grown in popularity, I feel that finding the perfect item has become a down the rabbit hole experience.  There are so many good things but I spend hours online searching and searching to find a treasure.  While I do enjoy the process, I often don’t go to Etsy because it’s like Pinterest:  I’m never on the site for 10 minutes; it’s more like 2 hours!

If you haven’t heard the good news, Etsy now Etsy Weddings.  Besides shopping all of those magnificent finds, the site include links to great planning articles, like this one on How to Plan a Modern Bridal Shower and well as Real Weddings.  

Etsy has also added a registry.  I think this is a great option as online registries are becoming more and more popular. That said, I definitely would recommend having a second registry as some of older guests are not going to be down with buying homemade goods on the internet.

I tested it out and made my own registry.  It’s SUPER user friendly.  In fact, I think the tool is so amazing that Etsy should consider adding a wishlist function.  I could see users (um, myself) making a wishlist for birthday’s, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.!

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