Set to Shine

This post is sponsored by Anjolee.

I have been in the room when many brides open the gift from their groom.  There is no better gift than a perfect pair of diamond earrings. From dazzling hoop designs to the the most elegant of drop earrings, they are the ideal accessory.  Whether it be a bridal or anniversary gift, Anjolee has customizable jewelry to fit your personality.

Anjolee is known for customizing jewelry to the preferences of each customer. In addition to earrings, they create stunning bridal sets, gorgeous rings, and engagement rings tailored to fit each bride. 

Below are of my favorite pieces sure to make anyone look fabulous.  I love them all but this pair is definitely me!  

The trio below are great for every day!

I added a pair of ruby earrings because I think bezel is all the rage right now!

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