Packing My Bags

I love travelling and one of my favorite things to do is pack.  I know, who likes to pack?  Really though, I love packing almost as much as I love making a list.  So when my husband sent me a link to The Art of Packing on the Louis Vuitton website, I instantly became mesmerized.  Oh, and just a little more motivated for our upcoming trip!

I am really surprised that LV is pushing the rolling method.  I’m a firm believer in stacking my clothes and bagging them (one bag for tops, one for skirts and dresses).  The one time that I didn’t bag my clothes is the one time that an entire container of contact solution spilled all over my skirt and dress bag.  Utter disaster.

For every time that I have ever taken, I break out pen and paper to create a packing list.  Well, Courtney Callahan does the exact same thing and published this fantastic printable packing list.  If you would like a copy, it is available here.

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